Everyone has a unique experience at college, so it can be tough to guarantee the type of life you’ll lead once you’re settled into your dorm and attending classes regularly. However, there’s something to say about the environment that you willingly place yourself in, and there are several positive factors that can result from a Christian education.

It can be easy to focus on generalizations about both Christian and secular schools, but the truth is that it really comes down to each individual campus and its culture. This is why the college visit is so very necessary as you’re working to narrow down your options.

Both secular and Christian colleges have different advantages; however, let’s spend some time on a few of the benefits that come from attending a school with a Christ-centered mission and curriculum.

1. Professors

As a student attending college, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with some of the most brilliant minds around—your professors. Professors, especially those who truly care, can be a huge influence, not only on your academics, but also on your future and your career.

Connecting with professors who believe in Christ and view life through a biblical framework that affects how they teach and serve the community can be an excellent way to foster your faith. Some faculty members will act as mentors, and there’s no doubt that seeking wisdom about life and study from those who are older than you can make an enormous difference in your future.

2. Global and local impact

Opportunities for global and local impact abound at Christian colleges. If you’re looking to connect with a missions organization, get involved with urban ministry, serve at a local, Christian non-profit, etc., a Christian college will be able to provide ample possibilities.

Not only do Christian schools empower students to get involved and serve, but they encourage the mentality as well. If making a difference in the world is important to you, a Christian university is a great place to get started.

3. People that care

Many college students make friends on campus, only to watch those relationships wither away after school. If friendships aren’t built on a firm foundation of trust, character, and genuine care, it can be tough to keep things up once you’re all busy with jobs and families.

Making friends with depth, integrity, and a belief in Christ will not only affect the decisions you make in your life for the better, but a culture that truly loves and cares for you will be an emotionally healthy option all the way around. Humans were not created to live without community, and Christian friends can support you during the tough times, lovingly correct you during the rebellious seasons, and celebrate with you in your successes and victories. 

4. Curriculum

The lens through which you view the world is certainly impacted by what you learn in the classroom. Not only do many Christian universities hold their curriculum to rigorous academic standards, but much of the teaching is laced with biblical principles and ways to approach culture and the world with wise ethics and morality.

Unpacking one’s faith in modern contexts can be approached in a unique and helpful way when the curriculum encourages students to consider their faith throughout their area of study.

5. Seeking God’s direction

Seeking the Lord’s direction in regards to your life can feel like a challenge, but there are a host of helpful resources available at Christian colleges and universities. From godly professors to wise upperclassmen, the challenges you face within your schooling, your relationships, your faith, and your future can be approached with Christ-like encouragement and advice.

You can, of course, seek the Lord’s direction anywhere, but there’s something really beautiful about having those opportunities to seek wise counsel at your fingertips throughout the entirety of your college career.

The choice is yours

Students go through a lot of change during their four years at college, and it’s important to set the stage for success emotionally, academically, and spiritually. There’s no right or wrong answer in where you decide to go to school. Simply ask yourself the following question: “Which option will nurture my faith in God the most?”