After months of long, dark winter days, the passing of February and the heralding of March is a welcome sight on the calendar. The start of Spring semester can get old fast as unpredictable weather, a host of deadlines, and the everlasting winter can feel like a conglomeration that just drags on and on.

So when Spring Break rolls around—ahhh, a chance to finally relax—it can almost feel overwhelming deciding how to spend all that glorious free time. While Spring Break in college usually evokes images of throngs of people crowding Florida beaches, it certainly doesn’t have to mean a getaway to a warm, sunny coastline (although, it certainly may). Whether you plan to have a staycation at home, travel somewhere far away with friends, or you’re taking a short road trip, there are several ways you can make the most of your time off. Read on for more tips on how to utilize your time well and fully enjoy your Spring Break.

1. Embrace where you are

If you have the funds to travel somewhere sunny, warm, or far away—great! If you don’t, you might be tempted to feel left out or like you won’t have as great of a Spring Break. Not so! Whether you’re hanging out, playing video games in your mom’s basement or your out camping with a crew of friends or your riding in a convertible in California, you’re NOT sitting in biology class listening to your professor give a lecture, and that’s a pretty great thing. Instead of wishing your Spring Break away, embrace where you are and try to find something in your situation to be grateful for.

2. Cross some things off your to-do list

Spring Break is first and foremost an opportunity for you to rest and rejuvenate after a long two months of school, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything worthwhile and productive. Take a day or two to crank up the music and get going on that list of little to-do’s you just haven’t had time to tackle during the rest of the year. Deep clean your apartment, or go through your closets and get rid of a bunch of clothes you don’t wear. Having a fresh start to the rest of the semester can help you feel more rested and ready to approach the rest of the year.

3. Get outside

Whether you live in a cold climate or a warm one, it can be really refreshing to get outdoors. With midterms behind you, it’s nice to strap on some cross-country skiis or grab your surfboard and soak up a little Vitamin D. Your body will appreciate the exercise, and it’s always nice to remember what trees actually look like. There’s something really rejuvenating about the outdoors, so take advantage of your free time to go for a hike, a walk, or a bike ride in the great, wide, beautiful outside.

4. Spend some time with family

A trip with friends is a wonderful thing, and the memories you make will probably last you a lifetime, but don’t forget to save a few days on the front end or last part of your Spring Break vacation to spends some time with family. Hanging out with college friends or friends from high school is certainly important, but keep in mind that your family has been waiting a long time to spend some time with you, and they are worth making a priority to see. Whether you go on a trip together or simply go out to eat, your mom and dad will sure feel loved by the effort you made to spend with them.

5. Reconnect with yourself and the Lord

The busyness of school can make it tough to sit down and really think about your life, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. Take some time during your Spring Break to journal, schedule some solo time at a coffee shop, read the Bible or a thought-provoking book, or pray. Self-care is important and making sure you’re digging deep and getting to the root of how you’re really thinking and feeling about things is essential. Time with friends and family is important, but make sure you’re having some one-on-one time with yourself as well.