When you’re a college student, finances can sometimes feel like a heavy burden to carry.

Not only are you attending classes and trying to focus on writing papers and studying for tests, but you might also be saving money to pay off the debt of college loans. You’re also trying to learn responsibility and allocate the proper amount of money for groceries, toiletries, school supplies, and other necessities while you’re away at school. And then, there’s your social life—having a little extra money to grab dinner with your friends or a quick latte in the morning with a fellow classmate seems like the ultimate luxury.

Most students probably wish they had a little extra wiggle room in the cash department while in school, and managing a part-time job while attending classes can feel like an impossible feat. Well, it’s time to think outside the box! There are a lot of different ways you can get creative about making a little money while you’re a college student, so we’ve thought through the options and put together a list of a few great selections that could bring in that bit of extra cash you’ve been looking for.

1. Start an Etsy shop

Etsy is a booming e-commerce website focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. If you have even a small crafty bone in your body, the chances are good that you’d be able to open a shop and sell some of your wares.

Are you into woodworking? Start a shop selling unique, handmade coffee tables or iPhone holders. Do you like working with fabrics? Can you sew? Clothing items are always a hit on Etsy, as are shoes, bags, and jewelry pieces. Are you a pro at shopping at Goodwill? Plenty of Etsy shops feature vintage items that sellers have scouted out at consignment shops and are reselling online for a slightly higher price. Whatever you have a knack for, try and think how you could turn that skill around and use it to make a little money.

2. Start tutoring

Most students have a subject or two that they tend to excel in. If you’re partial to history or you have a talent for spotting grammar mistakes, you might have a future in some one-on-one or group tutoring! Most universities have a tutoring center where you can apply to work, but if there aren’t any job openings, consider starting a tutoring service yourself.

You can post flyers and have students contact you directly for help with certain classes or subject matters. Just make sure to take precautions about who you’re meeting with. Requiring students to show you their student ID or utilize identity verification technology from https://jumio.com/trusted-identity/netverify is a smart move.

3. Employ your musical talent

Do you play the piano? The guitar? Or a more obscure instrument, such as the cello? Musicians are in hot demand as the skill is rather specialized, and you can make some fun, extra cash by performing at weddings, in coffee shops, or at a variety of other special events. If you have a few friends who are musically inclined as well, pull together a little group and advertise your services.

4. Are you artistic? 

Talent in graphic design or drawing can be a great foundation for starting your own business. Whether you’re creating logos for fellow students or illustrating artistic portraits of students and their families, there’s a lot you can do to utilize your God-given abilities. Try to think outside the box, too. Is Mother’s Day coming up? Offer to paint beautiful landscapes or if you’re able to, present the option to paint portraits or a favorite dog.

5. Last but not least

An important caveat to starting any business is to make sure you’re charging what your time is worth. If you’re not charging by the project, make sure your hourly rate is worth the many minutes it might take you to create something. When you’ve never charged money for your time in the past, it can be easy to downplay the amount of effort that goes into your craft—but don’t second-guess yourself! Your time and talent are just as worthwhile as anyone else’s. If you’re still questioning your pricing, do a little research online and find out what a comparable service is worth.