There’s something sort of magical about Fall. The air gets cool and crisp, the leaves change into a variety of beautiful colors, pumpkin spice lattes pop up on menus in coffee shops everywhere, and everyone starts sporting sweatshirts and scarves. The weather makes for undoubtedly cozy ambiance huddled inside near candles and munching on apple cinnamon muffins.

While college is now in full swing, and you’re probably up to your ears in papers and tests to study for, it’s still important to leave a little space in your schedule to enjoy life, socialize, and get out there in that lovely Autumn weather. So what’s a college student to do to take advantage of that wonderful Fall time of year? We’ve put together a list of some fun ideas for you and your friends to enjoy.

1. Host or attend a bonfire

Depending on the type of campus you’re on, there might be a few areas where bonfires are allowed. In fact, certain student groups or organizations might already be hosting a Fall bonfire. Whether you start one yourself on campus (make sure that it’s allowed) or you attend one that’s already up and roaring, bonfires are a great way to gather a group of friends together to socialize and enjoy the weather. If you have access to a State Park, you could also haul in some firewood and host a bonfire there.

Make sure to, of course, stock up on s’more ingredients, along with hot dogs and any fixings if you’re hoping to make a meal out of it. If any of your friends have a guitar or other musical instrument, that can be fun to bring along too if you want to do a little singing around the fire. And make sure you don’t forget the essentials: wood, a lighter, kindling, something to suppress the fire afterward, and permission to have a fire in the first place.

2. Take a trip to the apple orchard

Apple orchards are wonderful places to visit in the Fall. Not only can you roam the rows of trees and pick a variety of apples until your heart’s content, but most orchards usually have a variety of other foods and fun activities going on. There might be hay rides, a corn maze, and a whole lot of photo opps. Stop in the main barn or building and purchased freshly baked goods: pumpkin muffins, apple pie, kettle corn, caramel apples, and more.

Not only is being outside a good way to de-stress, but being among nature is a great way to get some fresh air and take some time away from your studies.

3. Have a Fall photo shoot

Don’t let an entire year go by without getting some meaningful photos with your roommates or friends. Gather a group together, coordinate outfits (flannel, anyone?) or don’t, and have someone take some photos of you all playing in the leaves or posing in front of a cluster of brightly colored Fall trees. Most campuses look pretty magical when Fall rolls around, so take advantage of all those brilliant orange, red, and yellow colors and the fantastic architecture at your school.

If you’re looking to do something fun with your photos, try taking pictures while having a leaf fight or jumping in a pile of leaves. The photos will be a great way to document the beautiful memories you’re making with the people in your life.

4. Go for a hike

There’s no better time to go for a hike than in the Fall! Choose a day where the weather is a bit cooler—say in the 50’s or 60’s—to go on your hike so that once your heart rate gets up, you won’t have to worry about sweat soaking through your clothes. That being said, it’s still probably a good idea to wear something moisture wicking.

Check out your local parks or state parks in the area, lace up your hiking boots, shrug on a flannel, and get climbing. You might be surprised at how life-giving breathing in all that fresh air can be, and you’ll likely view some spectacular autumn landscapes if you’re able to hike up high enough. Grab a few friends, and get outdoors!