When January and February roll around, and the skies have been grey for weeks, nearly everyone is ready for the telltale signs of Spring to start showing themselves.

The last few months of winter can feel like they last an eternity, and if you live in a northern state, the odds are good that winter could very well extend into March and maybe even April! So how can you make it through the final months of cold, dry air and sunless skies without losing it?

We’ve put together a list of ideas that will hopefully make the last few months of winter feel bearable. You might even find yourself enjoying these final chilly weeks!

1. Plan a fun getaway

If you’re able to take a day or two off classes, or you already have some ideas about what you might want to do for Spring Break, planning a getaway can do a lot to ease the weight of the long, grey days. You don’t necessarily have to go somewhere warm to escape the winter chill, but that’s certainly not a bad idea if you have the resources and time to devote to a warm-weather trip. If you need to stay close to home, reserving an AirBnB at a cabin or traveling to a city you haven’t visited before in a nearby state can give you a whole new outlook in winter.

Many cities have fun and festive celebrations all throughout the winter, so if you’re looking for something to do while you’re away, do a little research and see what fun, local events are going on while you’re in the area.

2. Try a winter sport

Cross-country skiing, ice skating, curling, snowshoeing, snowboarding, dog sledding, ice fishing…the list goes on and on! There are a lot of really fun and interesting winter sports out there that you can give a try. Some are, of course, more accessible than others, but if you’ve tried a few already, it might be time to try something new!

Think you’re getting too pale this winter? Get outside! You can definitely soak up Vitamin D, even if it’s a cloudy day, in the winter. In order to do that, though, you have to be willing to brave the cold! There’s nothing quite like working hard outside in the snowy cold and then coming in to sit by the fire and enjoy a warm cup of hot chocolate. Not only that, but exercise helps with reducing your cortisol levels, which reduces stress. It’s one of the best things you can do for your emotional and mental health!

3. Plan a countdown

The last couple of months of winter can seem ever so dreary. Planning something special each week or some sort of countdown can really help you look forward to the final weeks of the season. Try planning a special dinner with friends or an interesting outing to a place you’ve never been before. Make a physical countdown in the form of a paper chain if you have to! Having something to look forward to as each weekend ends and the school week rolls around can do a lot to boost your mood.

4. Get some fun winter things

This could look a little different depending on the person, but getting some fun, new winter clothes or gear can be a nice way to enjoy the colder months of the year. Take stock of your sweaters, or go through all your coats, hats, scarves, and mittens and determine what’s still usable and what could use a little updating. A new winter coat can be both a practical and stylish choice—after all, it’s something you wear every day, and you do need to stay warm when the temperature drops.

If clothes aren’t your thing, consider a fun winter gadget like a beverage warmer or…a snowball blaster. A new sled? A snowmobiling helmet? You get the idea!

5. Practice gratefulness

It’s easy to start feeling grumpy about everything when the weather is cold and you just want to walk outside without covering yourself in several layers. When you’re feeling unhappy or anxious about your circumstances, try to practice gratefulness. Make a list of all the things that you do have in your life right now, and try to focus on some of the beautiful elements of your everyday existence.